‘Family Feel’

‘What I like about Kettonby is the family feel that helps residents live life to the max, as a part of a supportive family environment – they really care”
– Anonymous Friend of Kettonby Care

‘Not just a house’

My son moved to Kettonby House when he moved from children to adult services at the age of 18
years. This was a particularly worrying time for us as a family. We know how routine and a sense of
security is important for us all, but for our son, we knew it would be a lot harder. To add to the
worry, my son was due to leave school soon afterwards.
Kettonby House made the transition as painless as possible. They undertook visits in his child
services setting to learn about him and build relationships between him and Kettonby staff. This
progressed on to tea visits and eventually his first night at Kettonby House. There were many
challenges that had to be overcome, but Kettonby staff dealt with them and communicated and
liaised with us about everything that was happening. I knew my son was in safe hands but as a parent you still worry. Kettonby staff have supported us as parents, as well as my son.
Kettonby House offers the highest levels of care and staff work so hard to achieve and maintain this.
My son has settled in and has built great relationships with his house mates and the staff. He has overcome many difficulties. Staff continually make efforts to help him achieve personal goals. He is encouraged to try new things and has a weekly routine tailored to his needs. I could not wish for a
better placement for my son. Kettonby is not just a house, it is very much a home.

‘You really are a part of something special when you join us’

I started my Kettonby Journey 4 years ago and I have met many amazing people during this time. We have such strong relationships with staff, management, service users and their families. Before starting my journey in care, I worked in retail, factories and pubs. I have never been as happy in a job as I have been at Kettonby because working at Kettonby doesn’t’ feel like a job, you really are a part of something special here. Like many jobs, you will run into hard times along the way but there is not a challenge that we have faced at Kettonby that we haven’t overcome. We have a very diverse workforce, and we strive to provide the best care, not only to our service users but to our teammates. I have faced many personal struggles that I would not have overcome without the support of my Kettonby Family. You really are a part of something more when you join us.

Linzi – Support Worker at Kettonby Care LTD

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